Our Houston-made gelato will leave you saying "OMG"!

Get excited Falls at Dry Creek!

We'll be at your clubhouse on Thursday 4/30 @ 4 pm! 

Pre-pay your gelato now for Thursday pickup!

$5.00 per cup (tax included)

Why choose our gelato?

Made fresh in Houston: We pride ourselves in making every batch fresh!

Splurge without guilt: Unlike ice cream, our gelato is lower in fat, has fewer calories, and is less processed.

Bold flavor, smooth texture: Our gelato is churned slower, thus retaining less air than ice cream. This gives it a velvety texture with bold flavors.

Order and Pre-Pay Below 

We will see you on Thursday!

We'll be serving you from our throwback gelato cart! 



(832) 570-2284 Call or text!

We specialize in catering gelato, Italian desserts, and wine pops to weddings, corporate functions, and other events in Houston.


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